Guest Post: An Interview with the Characters of LAMENT by Laura L. Zimmerman

Hey friends! I’m so excited to welcome author Laura L. Zimmerman to the blog today as part of the blog tour for her new YA fantasy book Lament: Banshee Song Series, Book Two. This sequel to her debut Keen promises to be just as entrancing as the first. Laura’s beautiful writing, her main character’s authentic teen voice, and her magical blend of the contemporary with faerie lore swept me away from the first page. Plus, that gorgeous cover!

Today, she’s here with Caoine, Oliver, and the rest of the crew to give us an inside peek into the world of Lament. Laura, take it away!

Hey Kellie! I’m so excited that you’re hosting this interview with the characters from my newest release, Lament: Banshee Song Series, Book Two! They’ve all agreed to join us so your readers can get to know them a bit better. Thanks again for having us on!

LLZ: Hey, friends. Thanks for this interview. Why don’t you begin by telling us a bit about yourselves?

CAOINE: Oh, uh. Well, I guess I’ll start then? *clears throat* Erm, hey. I’m Caoine. I’m part banshee, but I suppose you already know that. So, I like, sing a song each night. And I’m learning to be a normal teenager. And I like french fries. *bites lip* Is that good?

LLZ: Of course. Next?

OLIVER: Hey, yeah. I guess I’m next. *chuckles* *reaches over to hold Caoine’s hand* *Caoine blushes* So, I’m Oliver. I’m Caoine’s boyfriend. I play soccer and my favorite thing to do is make music. Oh, and I’m headed to college to study music, so that’s cool. Also, I’m always willing to share my fries with my girl. *gives Caoine a wink*

AUBREE: Oh. Em. Gee. Will you stop it, you two? *rolls eyes with a laugh* Hi. I’m Aubree. I’m Caoine’s super cool best friend and sort of protector–a

OLIVER: Hey! That’s my job.

AUBREE: 50/50? *raises brows* Anyway, I’ve made it my life goal to teach Caoine all the ways of fashion and I’m fairly certain this is like, the hundredth time I’ve been through high school. I mean, yeah, I’m totally exaggerating, but it feels like I’ve been through this way too many times. *laughs while running a hand through her hair*

AIBELL: *glaring at Aubree* *looks to LLZ* Do I really need to be here?

LLZ: *offers silly grin*

AIBELL: Ugh. Fine. *sits a little straighter* I’m Aibell. I’m good with all weapons. I seriously could take any of you down. *stares at each of us* And there are more important things to be doing than this. Have fun. *stands and strides out of the room*

LLZ: Oh. Sorry about that. She’s not one for small talk.

LAOISE: May I go next? *broad smile* Hi, I’m Laoise. That’s pronounced LEE-sha. It’s confusing, I know, but I won’t mind if you muddle my name. *giggles* I’m a wisp. *holds hands up* I know what you’re thinking. But no worries. I hold no grudges so I have no reason to trick your children into getting lost in the woods. *laughs again* And this is Killian. He’s not much for words either, so I thought I’d introduce him.


LLZ: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

KILLIAN: *frowns* I’m good with a bow and arrow.

LLZ: I’d say crazy good!

KILLIAN: I do not see how being insane would pertain to my abilities with a bow and arrow. And I’m most certainly sane.

AUBREE: Oh Killian, she’s just saying you’re better than good. Chill, dude.

KILLIAN: *narrows his gaze* I do not see how the temperature in here has anything to do with this. And for the record, it’s much warmer here than in the Unseelie Realm.

GAR: That’s true. I can’t wait to get back home. *grunts in disapproval*

CAOINE: Aren’t you forgetting something?

GAR: *scowls*

CAOINE: Your name.

GAR: Oh, right. Name’s Gar. Osgar, formally, but don’t call me that. I never go anywhere without my spear. And the only fae that’s good for conversation is Killian. The rest of you lot can go–

LLZ: *clears throat* Ah, yes. Gar. Thanks for the intro. Can I begin by asking how you felt about your portrayal in the book?

GAR: Dirt. I’d rather not have been included. But since it was a story about my valiant efforts to help save Caoine, I suppose it couldn’t be avoided.

AUBREE: Really, Gar? Really? *rolls eyes*

KILLIAN: While I don’t quite hold the same sentiment as my friend here, I will say I believe I came across far too stiff. *straightens* Even if I am a bit formal.

LLZ: Noted. *smiles* I’ll work on that for the next book.

AUBREE: Well, I was perfectly fine with my part in this book. I mean, would I like to have had a bit more screen time? Sure. But there’s only so much Aubree a reader can take, right? *belly laughs*

CAOINE: What about you? *shakes Oliver’s hand*

OLIVER: *turns red* Any time with you is time well spent.

AIBELL: Ew. Gross. Stop now. *yanks chair out and plops back down*

LLZ: You’re back?

AIBELL: *grumbles under breath* I couldn’t cross the Veil to go back without the rest of them so… *practically snarls*

LLZ: How did you like your part in the story?

AIBELL: Fine. Great. You didn’t make me look incompetent or helpless, so I’m good.

LAOISE: Well, I was thoroughly pleased with my portrayal. In fact, I found the entire story quite thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat, even though I already knew what was going to happen! *giggles*

LLZ: That’s good to know! What about you, Caoine?

CAOINE: Of course, I was happy. I mean, do I love the emotional roller-coaster you put me through? Not so much. But you’ve got a story to tell. *shrugs*

KILLIAN: Pardon me. But when did roller-coasters come into the conversation? I’m confused.

LAOISE: *pats Killian’s hand*

LLZ: Any parting words you’d like to share?

CAOINE: Buy the book. You won’t be disappointed.

OLIVER: Ditto to that!

AUBREE: Be sure to buy the Aubree collectible dolls that will be releasing soon. *shrinks at the serious look from LLZ* Kidding. *she sings*

LAOISE: In my opinion, you will all enjoy the book immensely. *sighs*

KILLIAN: Agreed.

GAR: *with a loud grump* Fine. You probably will. Just go read it.

LLZ: *waits patiently* *gets impatient* Anyone else?

AIBELL: *glares at LLZ* Please don’t make me say it. This is painful enough.

LLZ: *bright smile* Well, there you have it. Most of the cast of Lament. Thank you again, Kellie, for having us visit. If anyone has any questions or comments for any of the characters specifically, leave a comment below! They’ll do their best to reply! *winks*

My pleasure, Laura! And Caoine, Oliver, everyone… Thank you for stopping in! Up next on the Lament blog tour, head to Lands Uncharted for Lament Character Spotlights with host Laurie Lucking. Click here for the full schedule.

And if you’re ready to dive into Lament: Banshee Song Series, Book Two, you can pre-order the book right here. Happy reading!

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