Fantasy Books

I’ve loved fantasy stories ever since I discovered the magical worlds of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien as a child. Like fairy tales, fantasy offers the chance to confront evil, darkness, and grief vicariously through the characters, without the fear of meeting the same monsters in real life. I strive to write clean stories, but that doesn’t mean white-washed–the bad guys are bad, the good guys are flawed, and all of them occasionally do or say things I don’t personally approve of. I can’t promise happy endings, but I can offer stories marked by hope, the pursuit of virtue, and triumph over darkness. 


2019 On the Far Side Contest winner (tie), YA category

2018 ACFW Genesis Contest semi-finalist, YA category

Status: Temporarily shelved.

Length: 101,000 words.


A girl hiding forbidden magic. A soldier desperate for promotion. An unlikely alliance that could save their world.

In a world where magic is forbidden, all seventeen-year-old orphan Aria wants is to help the innkeeper’s family who raised her. But when her birth mother’s amulet is stolen, unleashing her hidden ability to see into others’ memories, she must flee for her life.

When Captain Thios Ederla sees the marks of the Cursed on the arms of a barmaid, he knows he’s found the key to the promotion that will save his family. But soldiers aren’t the only ones after Aria, and Thios reluctantly promises to help her recover the stolen necklace when he discovers a mysterious connection to his dead father.

On the run, with Aria’s magic slowly consuming her mind, she and Thios fight their growing attraction and race to track the necklace before they’re found by Dark Hunters, ancient flesh-eating monsters. Aria’s ability to time-shift may provide the way to protect her necklace, but using her magic will cost her the one thing she never expected to gain—her love for Thios.



2020 Rosemary Contest winner, New Adult category

2020 On the Far Side Contest winner, Historical category

Status: Temporarily shelved.

Length: 90,000 words.


Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, this fairytale retelling follows an aristocrat’s daughter as she searches for her grandmother in the hope of finding a cure for a deadly disease threatening her sister. When Marielle risks both her father’s anger and the security of her own future by venturing into the forbidden forest, she expects to face danger at every turn. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a dashing prince who’s been cursed to live as a wolf from dusk to dawn, young man during the day. But there’s more to the prince’s curse than Marielle knows, and if she isn’t careful, she may find herself irrevocably ensnared in his cunning trap.