Fantasy Books

The Cursed Ones 

Status: Final edits before beta reading.


Raised as an innkeeper’s daughter since being orphaned at the age of three, 17-year old Aria expects to spend the rest of her life working in the rural village where she has grown up. Alone, where no one will discover the dangerous secret she’s desperately trying to keep hidden.

But when a chance event in the village costs Aria her mother’s necklace, she no longer has any way to conceal the forbidden magic thrumming uncontrolled in her veins. Unwanted visions into others’ memories begin to flood her mind, and worse, her arms glow with the marks of the Cursed. Within days the king’s soldiers discover the truth, and Aria must flee for her life.

It isn’t long before Aria realizes the soldiers aren’t the only ones pursuing her. A far more ancient, evil enemy has been waiting centuries to make his move, and he’ll stop at nothing to find both the necklace and Aria. With deadly monsters in pursuit and her out-of-control magic slowly tearing at her mind, Aria has no choice but to accept the help of Captain Thios Ederla, however doubtful his intentions might be.

As Aria and Thios begin to unravel the mysteries of her necklace and the Cursed Ones, they realize the stakes may be far higher than they ever imagined. And it will take all of Aria’s courage and strength to survive.


Dusk for Dreams (tentative title)

Status: Pre-planning.

Summary: Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, this fairytale retelling follows an aristocrat’s daughter as she searches for her grandmother in the hope of finding a cure for a deadly disease threatening her sister. When Marielle risks both her father’s anger and the security of her own future by venturing into the forbidden forest, she expects to face danger at every turn. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a dashing prince who’s been cursed to live as a wolf during the day,  young man at night. But there’s more to the prince’s curse than Marielle knows, and if she isn’t careful, she may find herself irrevocably ensnared in his cunning trap.

Darkness Rising (TCO Book 2)

Status: In early planning/ plot development.