About Me


The short version:

Kellie Michelle Parker is an award-winning writer of YA fantasy and thrillers. She has college degrees in biology and nautical archaeology, but she’s always found her sense of adventure most satisfied by a great story. When not writing, Kellie can be found teaching her four children, camping, baking, and gardening. She lives with her family in west Michigan.

Kellie is a member of RWA and ACFW. She’s won multiple writing awards, including the 2020 Rosemary award, the 2020 and 2019 On the Far Side contests, the 2019 Golden Heart® award (finalist), and the 2018 Genesis contest (double semi-finalist). Kellie is represented by Ali Herring of Spencerhill Associates.

The long version:

I’ve been writing fiction off and on since childhood, but it’s taken me years to finally call myself a writer. I’m also an avid reader across several genres, so it’s not a surprise my Muse won’t stick to one genre either. But my favorite stories have some things in common, like vivid settings, witty dialogue, a sense of adventure, and of course, compelling romance.

I’ve gotten to travel to 48 of our 50 states and to several countries in Europe and the Caribbean. Seeing so many different places, and different cultures, has been an inspiration in creating my own imaginary worlds. And with my educational background in biology and archaeology, I’m a huge fan of incorporating logic and science into my work.

There are so many fascinating ideas out there in the world; so many glimpses of beauty; so many moments of courage and strength. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible says that God has set eternity in the hearts of men (3:11). It’s there, just below the surface of everyday life – the infinite, calling to our finite minds. If I can capture just a little bit of that wonder, that truth, and that hope in my work, I’ll be satisfied.

When I’m not buried in a book, you’ll find me teaching my four lovely, imaginative children or spending quality time with my husband Jason (who writes alongside me most evenings). We live in west Michigan, where we are always knee-deep in DIY home projects and finding ways to buy our food from local farms.


Writer’s Mission Statement

“I am a seeker of wonder, beauty, and truth, and a weaver of words. My stories are for those looking for adventure, romance, and fantasy that is challenging and authentic but still clean. I believe stories have the power to teach us about the real world, and as a Christian and lover of the classics, I instinctively seek truth and beauty in my work. One day I want to hold my book in my hands and hear how my stories have impacted somebody’s life for the better. I plan to continue writing and revising new stories as I seek publication for finished work, considering both traditional and indie publishing options.”