Escape the Ordinary.

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Come in, friend, and take a seat. Maybe that one right by the fire. Outside the wind may be howling and the storm raging, but in here you’ll be safe and dry. So grab a fuzzy blanket and curl up. The tea kettle is boiling and there are tales to tell.

What kind of tales, you ask? Stories that stir the heart and move the soul. The ones that inspire wonder. And maybe a few of the kind that make you glad you’re in here and not out there.

Intrigued? Then, please, by all means, pour yourself a steaming cup of tea and stay a while. I’m Kellie, and I write YA fantasy and thrillers, inspirational romance (as Kellie VanHorn), and speculative short stories. The road to publication is quite a journey, and in my blog you’ll find some of the things I’m learning along the way, as well as updates on my work and other topics I think you might find interesting.