Call for Reviewers

Hello, dear readers! As hard as it is for me to believe, store shelves are full of Halloween decorations and Mellowcreme pumpkins (maybe a bag or two fell into my shopping cart…oops). Thanksgiving and Christmas wait impatiently around the corner, and that means…*eek*…only two months remain until release day for my debut inspirational romantic suspense, FATAL FLASHBACK.

You may have already seen the announcement in my author newsletter (not a subscriber? join here) or on social media, but just in case you missed it, I’ve got a select number of open slots for book reviewers. A big part of a book’s initial success during launch week comes from early buzz, and guess who generates that? Readers like you!

What am I asking for, exactly? Glad you asked! If you’re selected as a reviewer, I’ll send you a copy of FATAL FLASHBACK (print for US, digital for international). You’ll have about two months to read it and share your honest review via a personal blog or website, Goodreads,, or other online retailer.

Sound like fun? Click on the button below to fill out my handy dandy survey before October 15, 2019, and I’ll let you know via e-mail if you’ve been chosen as a reviewer.

Not sure you can make that commitment? That’s okay, too! You can still enter one of my promotional giveaways (details coming soon!) or preorder the book on Even adding it to your TBR list on Goodreads helps generate buzz!

Thanks for your help, and until next time, enjoy these glorious autumn days!

Header image credit:, CC0 license.

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