KEEN Blog Tour: Character Visuals!

Hello, friends! I have a special treat for you today! A few years ago I connected with a fantastic YA fantasy writer, Laura L. Zimmerman, through her website, Caffeinated Fiction. She was looking for beta readers, and I was looking to meet other Christians writing clean mainstream fantasy. Perfect match! After reading one of her mansucripts, I fell in love with her voice and knew it was only a matter of time before a publisher snapped up one of her stories.

Fast forward a few years, and now I get to be part of the blog tour for Keen, Laura’s amazing, must-read YA fantasy debut coming out from L2L2 Publishing in just one week! Her relatable characters and imaginative plot drew me in from the first page, and today, I get to share with you some special just-for-you visuals of Keen’s main characters.

First, the cover and blurb for Keen:

You must walk the darkness to find the light.

Half-faerie Caoine has no control over the banshee lament she sings each night, predicting the death of others. A senior in a brand new high school, she expects the same response she’s received at every other school: judgment from fellow students over her unusual eyes and unnaturally white skin and hair. However, when Caoine arrives at West Lincoln High, for the first time in her life she finds friends. Real friends.

But being a teenager is never easy, especially when the star soccer player, Oliver, sets his sights on her. Allowing him to get close means revealing her curse to the human world. She can’t let that happen. Life spins further out of control when her lament comes out during the day, those whose death she predicts die right in front of her, and a dark faerie known only as the Unseelie prince blames Caoine by leaving her the creepiest notes ever. Her curse is not supposed to work like that.

In a race against time, Caoine must uncover the Unseelie prince’s identity and stop a spell before it unleashes hell on earth, all while trying to control her banshee song and finding a place among her peers.

Senior year just got real.

And now, if that sounds like something you’ve got to read, just wait until you meet the characters!


Caoine was born a banshee. Her deep dark secret is that she roams the streets at night singing a lament of death. This same secret is what keeps her alone, an outsider. But will West Lincoln High be different?


From the outside Oliver has it all–star soccer player, honor student, all around nice guy. But he’s got secrets of his own, trapped in a world where he can never truly be himself.

Caoine and Oliver


Aubree cares about more than just high fashion and making sure her cappuccino is done right. In the toughest of times, she’s a loyal friend through and through.


Sarcastic. Aloof. Aubree’s sidekick. Don’t let this boy fool you. There’s more to Seamus than meets the eye.

The Unseelie Prince

What’s scarier than a villain whose got his eye on the new girl in school? A villain whose identity is hidden from her–and the rest of the world. He’s a powerful faerie who knows everything about Caoine and has decided to use her powers for his own purposes.

Keen releases July 9, 2019. I can’t wait to get my paperback copy! If you want to learn more or buy your own copy, visit the pre-order page here.

For the next stop on the blog tour, visit Tammera Ayers tomorrow at for a review of Keen.

Until next time, happy reading!

Image credits: L2L2 Publishing. Used with permission.

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