Interview on My Writing Process (plus a special announcement…)

Hi friends! I’m throwing in a short extra post this month, because I’ve had the honor of being interviewed by writer Arthur Macabe for his series Interviews from the Void. My interview, Episode #32, just went live this week on his blog. Arthur asks some wonderful, thought-provoking questions about my writing process and pulls together great takeaways.

Here’s a little teaser quote:

“While reading about various aspects of the craft has helped a lot, the thing that helps most is simple: practice.”

Be sure to check it out, along with his other interviews, for plenty of fantastic writerly wisdom and advice.

And now…for the special announcement…

(No, I didn’t sign with an agent…yet. Stop making me feel bad. 😉 )

But this is still pretty exciting….

I’ll be releasing a short story sometime in the next couple of weeks!! *squee* I’ve been meaning to publish my 2015 award-winning story “The Tank” for a couple of years now, and I’m finally going to make it happen.

Write Michigan 2015 Anthology

This story was published in a Write Michigan contest anthology three years ago, but hasn’t been available for anyone outside of west Michigan to read. (Yes, the foreword to the anthology was written by NY Times bestseller Susan Dennard, who was our guest speaker, and who I got to meet in person. Perks of entering a contest…)

I’ve been revising and expanding it (it had to be less than 3000 words for the contest), and I plan to self-publish it using Amazon’s KDP Select. After my last beta reader gets back to me, it’ll go through one more round of polishing and then on to formatting and proofreading.

The cover reveal, blurb, and opening lines will be heading your way in my next blog post.

Until then, have a great week, and be sure to check out my interview to learn more about my writing process!

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